STAGE A – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
Microchanneling – Epidermal Stimulation & Cytokine Delivery
Sponsored by ProCell Therapies
by Douglas McBurney
Microchanneling is the only modality in esthetics that induces the rapid deposition of high quality collagen in aging skin. Learn how this mechanism is stimulated and amplified in a non-invasive, epidermal service for both corrective and anti-aging results.
STAGE B – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
The Science Behind the Circadia SWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation System
Sponsored by Circadia by Dr. Pugliese
by Barbara Wilmot
The SWiCH™ System is based on a physiological principle of inducing the natural repair system of the skin to become active without inducing damage. Activation of the repair system can then affect a restoration of both sun-damaged and intrinsic skin aging changes. Since tissue damage is minimal, repeated treatment can be performed at regular intervals of four to six weeks without risk of over-treatment.
STAGE C – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
Facial Cupping: (Best kept Beauty Secret- Demonstration)
Sponsored by Eve Taylor North America
by Heidi Edwards
Learn a technique that boosts the outcome of your facials and leaves your client wanting more. Incorporate facial cupping in all your facial services and improve the look of your client’s skin, plump fine lines and wrinkles, plump lips and drain puffy eye areas. Paired with our award winning serums, this add on treatment creates radiance and increased firmness.
STAGE D – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
Proper Application of MINKYS Eyelash Extensions
Sponsored by Minkys Eyelash Extensions
by Chez George
Applying eyelash extensions correctly takes proper education & practice. Enjoy watching a Master Lasher do what they do best. Maybe you’ll be the lucky one chosen from the audience for a complimentary set of lashes! We’ll explore all the types of extensions MINKYS has to offer. Receive education on our exclusive USA made products and be advised about upcoming workshops near you and how MINKYS differs from other lash companies, & fantastic giveaways!
Room 201 B
3:30 P.m.
Building Client Trust: The Art of the Consultation & Avoiding Common Pitfalls
Sponsored by Lash Affair by J. Paris
by Nicki Vinn
Delivering an above and beyond client experience is no longer the exception—it’s the rule. Our job is to anticipate those expectations and translate them into the desired outcome. Long-time Lash Artist Nicki Vinn shares her expert tips for discovering client needs, addressing common problems, and growing a loyal base of clients that will refer more business! Though eyelash extensions will be the focus, client service tips work for any service-based profession.
Room 202 A
3:30 P.m.
Spice Up Your Spa Menu in 5 ★★★★★ Style
by Brenda Roderick
Freshen-up your spa menu and watch your retail sales soar as FarmHouse Fresh provides treatment ideas and merchandising tips from top-selling 5-Star resorts and fine spas. Learn how to keep guests coming back again and again from this award-winning company. Join us for an interactive and entertaining afternoon, including Tantalizing Treatments; Outfitting Your Spa to Sell; and Unveiling Fabulous New Products. All attendees receive a free FarmHouse Fresh product!
Room 202 B
3:30 P.m.
Join the HydraFacial Nation!
Sponsored by The HydraFacial Company
by HydraFacial Team
Connect with the HydraFacial team and experience why nothing compares.
Room 203 A
3:30 P.m.
Clear & Prevent All Stages of Acne Holistically with Exclusive Patented Technology
Sponsored by Nature Pure Labs
by Victoria Tabak
A natural clinical approach to treating the root cause of all stages of acne, especially the hormone related kind. Achieve unparalleled results utilizing the exclusive patented technology of the Soy Doctor® system, which also combines the potent action of other traditional herbs and modern-day advanced bio-actives. Learn this step-by-step procedure that gently and non-invasively rebalances your client’s skin and offers a true remedy against acne triggers and all accompanying symptoms.
Room 203 B
3:30 P.m.
Brazilian Waxing Techniques & Illuminating Treatments for Intimate Areas
Sponsored by Smooth Skin Supply
by Stephanie G Laynes
Brazilian waxing is now a complete service. Clients are requesting treatments for the intimate area once the hair is removed. Se-Brazil Wax has an entire line of retail products for post wax, daily homecare and for illuminating (lightening) treatments. This class will show the 7-Min Brazilian Wax Technique, the new Se-Brazil Illuminating Treatment and retail products.
Room 204 B
3:30 P.m.
Jump Your Income By 50% With Cosmetic Lasers! Learn How!
Sponsored by National Laser Institute
by Louis Silberman
Learn how becoming a cosmetic laser tech can advance your career in as little as two weeks and jump your income by 50%!