STAGE A – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
What Are The Next Great Advances in Corrective/Anti-Aging Skin Care?
Sponsored by ProCell Therapies
by Douglas McBurney
What is the future of esthetic skin rejuvenation? And how can I be sure to be aware of advancements in things like Stem Cell science, peptides, growth factors, cytokines, light-based therapies, exfoliants, ingredients and other developing techniques and technologies? Hear from a spa owner and operator about how using what you have and choosing the right new things can drive your education and knowledge base!
STAGE B – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
Celluma Light Therapy: Everything You Really Need to Know for Success!
Sponsored by Celluma
by Patrick Johnson
Join us for a practical and enlightening live demonstration of Celluma Light Therapy! Light Therapy treatments are a non-invasive method to produce collagen and elastin and improve client outcomes, while increasing practice referrals. Learn how to explain the benefits of light therapy, how to optimize paired treatments, and how to best integrate light therapy into your menu offerings. Learn how to maximize Celluma for optimal client outcomes, how to design a series of light therapy treatments, and how to get your clients coming back.
STAGE C – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
The Clean Cosmetic Experience
Sponsored by Ginamarie Products
by Gina Marie McGuire
The key to healthy, beautiful, radiant skin is an effective skin care line combined with “clean cosmetics.” Often times, this is the missing link in our skin care industry. Wearing the right makeup is essential if the client is to maintain the health of their skin. This class will teach you how to “test” for clean cosmetics and demonstrate how clean makeup can only enhance one’s natural beauty.
STAGE D – Exhibitor Floor
3:30 P.m.
Minkys S.P.LASH Class (With Live Demo)
Sponsored by Minkys Eyelash Extensions
by Chez George
Watch as a lucky member of the audience has a full set of Minkys Eyelash Extensions applied by a professional Master Lash Artist. Each step will be broken down with full descriptions of products being used. Whether you have done lashes for years or are just beginning your lash journey, we will have something for you!
Room 202 B
3:30 P.m.
Detox While You Wax with Gigi
Sponsored by Gigi by American International Industries
by Tiffany Boyer
Wax meets skin care! Introducing Gigi’s NEW Charcoal Detox Hard Wax, enriched with detoxifying ingredients that treat and protect the skin. Developed primarily for the face, this dual-purpose wax gently removes unwanted hair and unclogs pores for an enhanced waxing experience. For both women and men.
Room 204 C
3:30 P.m.
Experience the Power of Hungarian Massage, Stimulating Actives and Revolutionary Vitamin C Oil
by Brian Goodwin
Be amazed by traditional Hungarian massage techniques that instantly transform the overall appearance of the skin. As things start to heat up, discover the power of Éminence’s innovative, natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin stimulants that improve circulation for healthier, younger-looking skin. Discover a revolutionary Vitamin C oil, which benefits all skin types and improves every skin condition. Clients will walk out of your treatment room completely transformed.