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10:00 a.m.
Welcome Ceremony
by Kasey Boone and Lorena Ashmore, Beauty Biz BFF’s
Join the dynamic Beauty Biz BFF’s duo as we kick off this year’s Main Stage!
Kasey Boone and Lorena Ashmore, otherwise known as Beauty Biz BFF’s, have both grown successful brick and mortar/e-commerce businesses in Los Angeles and a die hard following on social media focused on sharing tips and tricks, leading them to create “Beauty Biz Bff’s.”
10:10 a.m.
A Holistic Perspective on Acne: Treating Skin From the Inside-Out (LECTURE)
by Ben Fuchs R. Ph., Truth Treatment Systems
Acne can arise for many reasons, whether it is hormonal, systemic, bacterial, or inflammatory. Join Pharmacist Ben in uncovering why certain types of acne arise, and how to treat them holistically.

Understanding the WHY for effective acne treatments!
Ben Fuchs is a registered pharmacist, nutritionist and skin care chemist and for the past 32 years has been developing pharmacy-potent skin health products for estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and his own savvy customers.
10:50 a.m.
Gua Sha: Techniques for Lifting and Detoxifying (DEMO)
by Danna Omari, NOY Skincare
Gua sha is an ancient healing technique using a jade stone to encourage healthy skin function by releasing and clearing toxic stagnant lymph and removing blockages and adhesions from the shoulders, neck, and face. Learn how to use gentle strokes to massage, manipulate and stimulate specific energy lines and points along the face.

More than just a trend! Learn professional Gua Sha Techniques from Noy Skincare!
Danna Omari has been perfecting her craft for nearly 15 years. Her philosophy of back-to-basics approach and truly shifting the skin is what excites her about treating clients every day. Danna has become known for her unique facial massage and transforming faces without the use of machines and deep cleanings, but with her hands instead, the most powerful tool she has.
11:30 a.m.
Harness Your Glow: Joanna Vargas Journey to Success (INSPIRATIONAL)
by Joanna Vargas
Learn exactly how renowned esthetician Joanna Vargas developed a unique voice before creating her own brand, how she attracts and retains clients – including celebrities, and how she launched her namesake international product line.

Be inspired to harness your own GLOW and catapult to success!
Joanna Vargas recognized skin care expert and founder of her eponymous all natural skin care collection, is focused on one thing: beautiful skin. As her practice evolved and expanded to both coasts, Joanna was inspired to apply her philosophy to a namesake skincare collection. Joanna’s results-driven treatments and products are a favorite among celebrities, it-girls, and beauty editors.
12:10 p.m.
Private Label Skin Care: Taking the Next Step(LECTURE)
by Aleks Vranicic
In this lecture, you will learn how to increase your profit margins by using Private Label skin care. Private Label allows you to have creative promotions, reward your top retail earners and grow your own brand equity! Curious? Join the conversation!

Promote your own brand, your own way! Learn how and why to start Private Labeling!
Aleks Vranicic is Vice President of Sale and Technical Training at Vitelle Labs. He’s a third generating skin care professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry as an Esthetician and Spa Manager who witnessed first-hand the power of private label.
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